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Born in Denpasar in 1959, he is graduated of ISI Yogyakarta. Budhiana has twice won prestigious Pratisara Affandi Adhikarya art award in 1985 and 1986. Life is an abstraction of line, colour, movement, spontaneity and unpredictability. With this conviction Made Budhiana, as an artist, is free to wherever he likes. He has been exploring the world of arts for decades and continues to produces work of instance imagination. "There is a basic conflict between desire and reality. As the climax of this conflict is felling of restriction, my spirit rebels, and than when I paint, I experience a calmness within my soul." His style is completely unpredictable, sometimes he may leave little of spaces untouched, and sometimes he will come up with a pieces that, although sparsely composed, is altogether captivating, reflecting great strength of spirit in its divine lines. Budhiana is a painter who has let his imagination run wild, he can readily capture whatever is around him at any given moment. He doesn need to wait a certain time of a day, or to be in certain spaces to paint. For Budhiana, beauty shows itself at all time and all spaces. That it is why it is not uncommon for him to paint in busy places with lots of people milling around, such as the market, on the beach, on the street of the city or in the temple. "I respond to all kinds of situations and that is part of my creative process, which is king of theatrical in nature", says Budhiana.


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