Davina Stepehens

Davina Stepehens

"She has explored several techniques, styles, and media, such that her works are often quite complex and heterogeneous."


Live at Wellington, New Zealand
City : Wellington

About Davina Stepehens...

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2009 Thavibu Gallery - Studio 307 \\\"Floating map\\\" - Bangkok Thailand 2008 Ganesha Gallery \\\"This side of paradise\\\" - Bali Indonesia 2007 Sangolda Galeria \\\"Paradise Now\\\" - Goa India 2007 Michael Nagy Gallery \\\"Days of future Passed\\\" - Sydney Australia 2007 Ganesha Gallery \\\"Days of future Passed\\\" - Bali Indonesia 2006 Galerie Indoasia \\\"Free Transport\\\" - Sao Paolo Brazil 2005 Ganesha Gallery \\\"Free Transport\\\" -Bali Indonesia 2004 Jengalla Gallery \\\"This is Baliwood\\\" - Bali Indonesia 2003 Studio Assra \\\"Ganpati on Speed\\\"- Goa India 2001 Studio Assra \\\"National Highway -NH-17\\\" - Goa India 2001 Vis-a-vis Gallery \\\"National Highway-NH-17\\\" -Delhi India 1998 Ganesha Gallery \\\"Manifold Changes\\\" - Bali Indonesia 1998 Galerie Mostini \\\" 3D Carved Frame Paintings - Paris France 1998 Galerie Du Rayon Vert \\\"It\\s all her fault\\\" - Wiimereux France 1996 Seniwati Gallery \\\"Tribes on the Move\\\" - Bali Indonesia 1994 L\\otel Galerie -Sydney Australia 1992 Gucchaka Gallery \\\"One Way\\\" - Bali Indonesia 1992 Strand Gallery \\\"Shades of Bali\\\" - Bali Indonesia Selected Group Shows 2009 O house Gallery \\\"Anarko-Body\\\" - Jakarta Indonesia 2007 Fontaihas Heritage Festival of the Arts - Panjim Goa India 2005 Vas Felix Estate Gallery - Perth W.A. Australia 2005 Bali Biennale 2005 \\\"Space and Scape\\\" - Bali Indonesia 2002 Fontaihas Heritage Festival of the Arts - Panjim Goa India 1999 Ganesha Gallery -Bali Indonesia 1997 Mullumbimby Art Gallery - N.S.W Australia 1996 Galerie Du Rayon Vert - Wimereux France 1995 The Bank Gallery - Sydney Australia 1995 Gallery 1 A - Sydney Australia 1994 Galerie Du Rayon Vert - Wimereux France Bibliography Suara Merdeka ‘Mendedah Tubuh’ by Benny Benke - 30 April 2009 Jakarta Globe ‘The female form as seen by women’ by Katrin Figg - may 1 2009 Sinar Harapan ‘Anarko – body’ Tentang Keajaiban Tubuh Perempuan by John Joseph Singal - 24 april – 17 may 2009 Hello Bali - ‘An invitation to ponder’ Davina Stephens vol. 14 no. 04 april 2009 by Jean Couteau Tropical Living ‘DAYS FUTURE PASSED’ ,Interview Davina Stephens’ by Michael October – December 2008 Sydney Morning Herald OPEN GALLERY - Australia October 20-21 2007 Jakarta Post ‘Raising Awareness of Marine Life\\ August 12 2007 ‘Indoasia\\ RSVP - Sao Paulo Brazil June 2006 ‘Livre Transport\\ VIVER BEM - Sao Paulo Brazil June 2006 ‘Artista neozelandesa expoe obras na capital\\ JORNAL DCI - Sao Paulo Brazil 19 May 2006 ‘Sao Paulo Free Transport\\ REVISTA KAZA Magazine - Sao Paulo Brazil May 2006 ‘Miudas\\ ESTADO DE SAO PAULO - Sao Paulo Brazil 18 May 2006 ‘Ekspresi Bali di Atas Kanvas Dan Keramik Davina Stephens\\ BALI POST by Agus Mulyadi Utomo - Bali Indonesia 17 October 2004 ‘Baliwood\\ BALI ADVERTISER by Dr Bob - Bali Indonesia Aug 2004 ‘Davina Stephens- Decor Artist\\ ELLE DECOR by Reetika Nijhawan Delhi India June 2002 ‘Arty Party\\ THE HERALD by Ethel Da Costa - Goa India January 2002 ‘Davina: A life full of Fairy Tales\\ TIMES OF INDIA DELHI TIMES by Sanghit Singh - Delhi India, February 2002 ‘Beachside Stories (feature) FIRST CITY Magazine - Delhi India March 2002 ‘This Kiwi celebrates the colours of Life on her Canvas\\ HINDUSTAN TIMES by Meeta Mishra - Delhi Febuary 2002 ‘Don\\t Analyse This\\ by Anoothi Vishal INDIAN EXPRESS - Delhi February 2002 ‘Nuansa Ceria: Studio Davina Stephens\\ (feature) LARAS (Decor Magazine) by Lalita Rachmania Jakarta Indonesia, December 2000 L\\OFFICIEL (Magazine) ‘Davina Stephens New Zealander\\- Mumbai India May 2001 ‘Colour My World\\ (feature) FEMINA Magazine by Ethel Da Costa - India 15 May 2001 ‘Artist of The week\\ THE HERALD - India January 2001 ‘Life Styles\\ MARIE CLAIRE - Paris France March 1999 ‘Pun Fun In Colour\\ (feature) GARUDA INFLIGHT MAGAZINE by Dipika Rai(Saraswati) - Indonesia August 1999 ‘A Young Painter Records Changing Times\\ (feature) BALI ECHO by Anita Lococo Bali Indonesia December 1999 ‘Kejenakaan Ala Davina Stephens\\ by Osi BALI POST - Bali Indonesia October 1998 ‘Davina : A Refreshing Look At Changing Times\\ (feature) JAKARTA POST by Jean Couteau - Jakarta Indonesia 11 October 1998

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