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City : Cirebon, West Java

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AFFANDI 1907 Born in Cileduk, Cirebon, West Java. Father Raden Koesoema, worker at sugar factory, Cileduk. Affandi studied briefly at AMS Jakarta, but did not complete his studies. 1933 Married Maryati, his first wife. Kartika was born of this . 1935 Joined the Bandung Group of Five, along with four other painters: Barli, Hendra Gunawan, Sudarso, and Wahdi. This was an art study group with Affandi as leader. 1940 – 1942 Moved to live in Ubud, Bali. 1943 – 1944 Held first exhibition at Gedoeng Poetera, Jakarta and was involved in the Poetera Movement (Poesat Tenaga Rakjat - Centre for the People) under the leadership of Soekarno, Moh. Hatta, Ki Hadjar Dewantoro and KH Mas Mansur. 1945 – 1948 Joined and was active in the struggle for independence, produced anti-Dutch posters, along with colleagues Chairil Anwar, Trubus, Dullah dan S. Sudjojono. Moved to Yogyakarta and set up the Painting for the People Studio along with Hendra Gunawan. 1948 Moved to Jakarta and became co-founder of The Indonesian Painters Association. 1949 – 1951 Won a scholarship from the Indian government to tour through India. 1951 – 1956 Toured Europe: Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, London and Paris. Nominated by the Indonesian government to represent Indonesia at various art forums, including Sao Paolo (1953), and Venice (1954). 1957 Winner of an award from The US government to study art education, stayed in the US for 4 months. In the US exhibited at World House Gallery, New York Press Club. 1962 Guest teacher, Art department, Ohio State University. 1968 Worked on mural at East-West Center, Hawaii 1969 Winner of art award and gold medal proferred by The Indonesian Department of Education and Culture, as permanent member of theJakarta Academy. Nominated head of IAPA (International Association of Plastic Arts) for Indonesia – an international organisation operating under the auspices of UNESCO. 1970 Modern Indonesian Art Exhibition, Pavilion Indonesia, Expo ’70, Osaka, Japan. 1973 Represented Indonesia at the Sydney Biennial, Australia. 1974 Awarded honorary doctorate by University of Singapore 1978 Winner of the award \Bintang Jasa Utama\, presented by President Soeharto in recognition of his services to the country. 1979 Exhibited with his daughter Kartika in Victoria, Australia. 1980 Joined the exhibition Asian Artists II, part of an exhibition of contemporary Asian art, Fukuoka Art Museum 1984 Represented Indonesia in a solo exhibition in Houston, Texas, USA, a festival of handicrafts and Indonesian art. 1985 Joint exhibition with S. Sudjojono and R. Basuki Abdullah at the Pasar Seni Jaya Ancol. 1986 Solo exhibition at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Joint exhibition with Kartika, Nunung S, Nashar, and Sulebar at Pasar Seni Jaya Ancol. Became a member of the Penyantun ISI Yogyakarta Art Council 1987 Held retrospective exhibition at Jakarta Arts Building. 1990 Died 23 May 1990.

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