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Studied at the school of fine art in Denpasar and The Indonesian Academy of Fine Art in Yogyakarta. Before completing the programme, however, he went to Brussels, Belgium. For several years he worked and visited museums and galleries there, then returned to Indonesia in 1972. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad, including the Venice Biennale in 2003, and Mike Weiss Gallery in New York, USA in 2005. His artistry has been documented in the books Made Wianta (1990), Made Wianta : Universal Balinese Artist (1999), Made Wianta : Art and Peace (2000), and Wild Dogs in Bali : The Art of Made Wianta (2005). He now lives and works in Denpasar, Bali. During his early career, Wianta studied the Balinese classical wayang style of painting from master artists in Kamasan, Klungkung. His drawings of Balinese spirits and creatures has novel, peculiar and personalized shapes. When he used colours, the works were similar in structure to his drawings but did not have figurative elements. Instead, he began painting in a kind of abstraction that systematically used small dots of colour with a mixture of linear contours and flat surfaces. Then he went on to create geometrical constructions that combined spontaneous calligraphic strokes. His work is represented in the collection of The Neka Museum in Ubud Bali. He also does installations and performance art to convey his concerns about social and cultural change. solo exhibitions 2008 The Gallery, Hilton Guam Spa and Resort, Guam, USA 2007 Natural Flowing, James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA 2006 Video Installations & Workshop, California Art Institute, USA 2005 Calligraphy In Song, Emmitan Fine Art Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia The Sign of Paradise, Mike Wiess Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA The Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Art Singapore, Singapore 2004 Art Summit, Indonesia 2004, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia + positive, 2nd Biennale, Merano, Italy 2003 50th Venize Biennale, Venize, Italy 6th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Instalations, Lido, Italy 1999 Art and Peace, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia Darga Lansberg Gallery, Paris, France 1998 Made Wianta’s Evolution, Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1993 Exhibition on Indonesian Modern Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands Exhibition to raise funds for AIDS research in Southeast Asia, Fort Mason Center, San Fransisco, USA 1990 Festival of Indonesia in the United States of America (KIAS) 1984 Third Asian Exhibition of Paintings Graphic Arts and Photography, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila 1981 Exhibition of Asian Artists, Dacca, Bangladesh 1980 Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, National Museum Singapore 1979 15th Asian Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan selected group exhibitions 2008 69 Seksi Nian, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2006 Drawings From The Stockroom, BIASA artspace, Seminyak, Kuta - Bali, Indonesia 2005 One man exhibition, Calligraphy in Song, Emitan Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia The Sign of Paradise, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, USA 2004 Group exhibition, Membaca Dunia Widayat, Museum Widayat, Magelang, Indonesia One man exhibition, The Song of Shape Calligraphy, ArtFolio Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One man exhibition, The Unseen As Seen, Canna Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia One man exhibition, Drawing + Installation, Gaya Fusion of Sense, Sayan - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia The 2nd Biennale +Positive, Merano, Italy 2003 One man exhibition, Dreamland, Gaya Fusion of Senses, Sayan, Ubud – Bali, Indonesia Group exhibition, 50th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy Group exhibition, Open 2003, Lido, Italy Group exhibition, 4+1 = Venezia, Danes Art Veranda, Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia One man exhibition, Soul of Calligraphy II, Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran – Bali, Indonesia Art Installation exhibition, Song of Stone, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Jimbaran – Bali, Indonesia 2002 One man exhibition, Rupa Puisi Rupa, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Group exhibition, Jezz Gallery, Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia One man exhibition, Frangipani Gallery, Hamburg, Germany One man exhibition, Dimitriy Smenov Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 2001 Collaboration on Performing Art Wianta and Artists from Rhode Island School of Design, USA One man exhibition, Santi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia One man exhibition, Amankila, Manggis, Karangasem – Bali, Indonesia Group exhibition, Crossing Lines, Museum der Culturen, Basel, Switzerland Group exhibition, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Russia Group exhibition, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia One man exhibition, Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran – Bali, Indonesia 2000 One man exhibition, Amenity-Gallery, Tokyo, Japan Joined Langkawi International Festival of Art(LIFA), Langkawi, Malaysia Happening Art Street, Sembilan Gallery, Ubud – Bali, Indonesia One man exhibition, Rudana Museum, Genta Gallery and GRP Gallery, Bali, Indonesia One man exhibition, Bhagawan Giri, Ubud – Bali, Indonesia 1999 One man exhibition, Darga-Lansberg Gallery, Paris Happening Art, Art and Peace, Padanggalak Beach, Bali, Indonesia 1998 One man exhibition, Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo, Japan Catur Yuga, La Salle SIA College of The Arts, Singapore 1997 Happening Art, Sound and Nature, Apuan, Bali, Indonesia Group exhibition, Catur Yuga, an intercultural dialogue between tow artists from Bali, Bassel, Switzerland One man exhibition, Rudana Museum, Ubud - Bali, Indonesia 1996 One man exhibition, The Opera Gallery, Singapore Selected as Corresponding Academician of Academy International, Greci Marino, Italy 1995 Group exhibition GNB(Non Aligned Nations), Department of Culture and Education, Jakarta, Indonesia Installation, Happening Art Water, Fine and Air in Apuan River, Bali in Gajah Wong River, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1994 One man exhibition, EP-Gallerie, Dusseldorf Group exhibition, The Best of Indonesia, Department of Culture and Education, Jakarta, Indonesia 1993 Indonesia Modern Art (PAKIB), Amsterdam, The Netherlands Group exhibition, Art for Flores, to raise fund for the earthquake victims of Flores, Hotel Tanjungsari, Sanur – Bali, Indonesia One man exhibition to raise funds for AIDS research in Southeast Asia, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, USA 1992 One man exhibition, Bunka Mura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan One man exhibition, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Surabaya 1991 One man exhibition, Jernander Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 1990 Festival of Indonesia (KIAS), USA One man exhibition, Gedung Seni Rupa, Denpasar of Culture and Education and Taman Izmail 1987 First Asian Arts Festival at the Club Mediterranean, Nusa Dua – Bali, Indonesia 1985 Second Asian Art Show, Museum of Fukuoka, Japa 1984 Third ASEAN exhibition of painting graphic-art and photography, Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila 1981 Group exhibition of Asian paintings, graphic arts and photography in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and Manila Group exhibition of Asian artists, Dance, Bangladesh 1980 Joined exhibition of contemporary arts, National Museum, Singapore 1979 Joined Asean art exhibition, Javanese Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia Joined 15th Asian modern art exhibition, Tokyo, Japan 1977 Group exhibition, Gallery Antiques, Gent, Belgium 1976 The first one man exhibition, The Centre Cultural Jacques Frank, Brussels, Belgium 1972 Group exhibition, Seni Sono Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1968 The first group exhibition, Museum Bali, Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia awards 2000 Museum Record Indonesia (MURI), ‘The Longest Poem’ by his handwriting 1999 Wianta has been awarded the Dharma Kusuma Award by the Bali Provincial Government 1998 Most Admire Man of The Decade 1998 by American Biography Institute 1996 Selected as Corresponding Academicia of Academy International, Graci, Marino, Italy


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